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Genuine OPGW Cable Manufacturer From China - POWTECH

Qingdao Powtech Electronics Co. Ltd. is a leading ADSS Fiber Cables, Fiber Optic Cables, OPGW Cable Manufacturer from China. Since our establishment in 1994, we are dedicated to serving people with the advanced categories of fiber optic cable products. We possess a prominent position among leading manufacturers enthusiastic to produce durable quality fiber optic cables including ADSS fiber cables, OPGW cables, and other power supply products.

Our Quality Products:

Powtech Electronics has a wide product line that includes ADSS Fiber Cables, OPGW Cables Fiber Optic Cables, performed cable tray, wire mesh cable tray, transmission line fittings, Fusion splicer, STG module, terminal tool kit, STG magazines and frames, fiber distribution box, fiber terminal box, extension link, anchor shackle, clevis eye, vibration damper, tool kits, swivel joint, short-span dead-ends, middle-span tension sets, large-span tension sets, opgw tension sets, simple suspension sets, tangent sets, loop storage bracket, j bolts, splice closure and many more.

Our Devoted Employees:

Qingdao Powtech has a host of professional-grade staff, technicians and experienced employees with strong workforce of up to 600 employees. Everyone is highly motivated to provide valuable services to manufacture highly quality grade ADSS fiber cables, Fiber optic cables, OPGW cable products. Entire products are manufactured with our state of the art service, under strong quality inspection policy. The dedication of our workforce, our manufactured vast range of products and high production capacity has led our company to expansion across the international market. Also, our staff excels in providing the technical support required for optimum performance. Customer satisfaction is listed among our core values, and we strive to achieve that with on-time delivery, committed performance and process improvement.

Our Advanced Factories:

Qingdao Powtech is a professional enterprise based on three technologically advanced factories in North China and Mid China. These factories are built highly with modern technology to fulfill the needs of advanced Fiber optic cables, ADSS fiber cables, and OPGW cable along with related networking accessories. Thus, we have acquired the position as a leading OPGW cable manufacturer owing to full command over digital control lathe processing technology and optical transmission. With 20 years of unbeatable service and high-end products, we turned into a leading supplier of power supply products to industries grounded on Telecom line, Broadband, Data centers and power transmission line.  

International Quality Standards

Qingdao Powtech Electronics is an authentic ADSS fiber cables, Fiber optic cables, & OPGW cable manufacturer; offering our best quality products to our customers. Our quality has soon gained popularity among telecom and other associated industries. Our international quality control system is aimed towards further improving the quality of final products, handling customer complaints and ensuring a manufacturing process that complies with quality standards and industrial norms. We make sure our customers do not have to compromise on what they receive. Therefore, raw materials that are not up to the mark never circulate and unqualified products never leave the factory. Fiber optical cable and metal accessories are among our specialties, and we take pride in serving our esteemed clients with desired international quality and technology in most competitive rates.