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Detailed Description

Product NameShort-span dead-ends

Model: ANZD


The short-span dead-ends can protect and provide cushioning to the ADSS cables. The special design of helical rods makes ensure that preformed dead-ends can not cause undue stress to the ADSS cables, so that the normal lifetime of cable system is ensured.

Span length: <=200m 


RTS (Rated Tensile Strength) 10KN, 15KN, 20KN


Structure and Raw Material: 

(1) Anchor Shackle: Hot dipped galvanized steel. Anchor Shackle is connected with fastener clamp on tensile pole (or tower). 

(2) Extension Link: Hot dipped galvanized steel. Parallel Plate is connected Anchor Shackle and Clevis Thimble. 

(3) Clevis Thimble: Hot galvanized cast steel. Clevis Thimble is plugged in bend of Outer Reinforcing Rods for protection and connected.  

(4) Outer dead-end Rods: Rods are made into one subset with a layer of firm emery inside, in order to increase gripping power of Outer Reinforcing Rods while decreasing side pressure. Sets are color marked to reduce misalignment errors and to speed installation

Application Guide:

1. The preformed dead-ends are designed to connect Continue pole(or tower) and Terminal pole(tower), tensile pole(tower) .The special specification: one unit per Terminal pole(tower), two units per tensile pole(tower) and two units per Continue pole(tower).

2. Select the Specification Model corresponding to the cable diameter range, Rated Tensile Strength.
3. Ground Clamps are sold together with Tension Sets, and prohibited directly installing on the Outer Reinforcing Rods and Inner Protection Rods.


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