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Detailed Description

Product Name: Large-span double suspension sets
Model: AXCS


The large-span double suspension sets are designed to connect ADSS cables and straight towers (or poles) or big elevation angel lines for long span length, decrease static stress to ADSS cables at support points and cushioning against the dynamic stress of Aeolian vibration, provide protection against cable bending stress, so there is no other stress concentration, the fiber optic doesn’t produce extra loss in the cables. 


Span length: >800m


Structure and Raw Material:

Housing Clamp------It is made of cast aluminum alloy, which is stable, better anticorrosive in aero and mechanical performance.

Rubber Insert------It consists of high-class rubber, compounded for resistance to ozone, weathering extreme high and low temperature variations and compression set.

Bolt, Nut, Flat washer, Spring Washer, Split Pin, Yoke Plate, PS link, Z Link ------ Electric power standards

Inner Reinforcing Rods ------Aluminum alloy (for two layers) for weathering extreme high and low temperature variations, high hardness strength, excellent elasticity, stain resistance, water resistance.

Outer Protection Rods------the same as Inner Protection Rods



Application Guide:

1. It is designed to connect straight towers (or poles) and ADSS cables, One unit per tower (or pole).
2. Select the specification model corresponding to the cable diameter range and maximum load-weight.



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