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Semi-conductive plastic single top ties

Material :Semi-conductive plastic ties are made from a base of clear PVC with a proprietary black co-extruded outer covering selected for its superior electrical tracking resistance properties. Use of this co-extruded material allows application on higher voltages and/or more stressful electrical environments. This material was selected because of its UV resistance, tensile strength, impact strength, flexural strength and self extinguishing properties.


Voltage Applications :Semi-conductive plastic ties can be applied up to 35kV.


Mechanical: Testing has shown Semi-conductive plastic ties will develop unbalanced and lift-off loads equivalent to, or in excess of, a hand tie over covered conductor.


Insulators:To ensure proper fit and performance, it is recommended that only ANSI C29.5 or C29.7 compliant insulators having nominal neck diameters corresponding to Ø 57.2mm (C Neck), Ø 73.0mm (F Neck) and Ø 101.6mm (K Neck) be used. Semi-conductive plastic ties are suitable for use with either ANSI compliant polymer or porcelain insulators.

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