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POWTECH Standard Warranty, All Products
12 months from date of delivery to the initial purchaser from POWTECH Co., Ltd.
For further details please see POWTECH Terms and Conditions of Sale


1% Extra Spare Parts
1% extra spare parts will be supplied for free at the time of delivery; More spare parts if required will be charged at POWTECH’s standard rates.


General Warranty Statement
Repairs covered by the Warranty. The warranty provides for the repair of any fault or defect in the Equipment providing the fault or defect is due to failure in materials or workmanship under normal use of the equipment. The warranty, in so much as it applies to software supplied by POWTECH, applies only to defects in the media upon which the software is supplied and is limited to the replacement of the software should the media prove defective.


Repairs Not covered by the Warranty include, but are not limited to, faults or defects due to incorrect operation, damage or flooding, unreasonable use, incorrect wiring or installation, mains input surges or lightening strikes, unsuitable load or overloading, high ambient temperature, high humidity, corrosion, air borne contaminants, blocking of fans or filters, unauthorized modification or repairs, faults due to related software systems or cables, or requests for service under the warranty where no fault is found with the Equipment. Repairs not covered by this agreement will be charged for at POWTECH’s standard rates for labour, freight costs, parts, carriage and sundries.