Distribution Grip Dead-end

For termination of bare or jacketed conductors used in  distribution constructions

Distribution-Grip dead-ends are recommended for termination of bare or jacketed conductors used in  distribution constructions. The high mechanical strength, short length, and interchangeability among  different conductor sixe meet the requirement of all categories of distribution lines.

Jacketed Conductors:

Distribution-Grip dead-ends, manufactured from galvanized steel are recommended for direct  application on the jacketed conductors

Rated holding strength 

For bare homogenous conductors, the holding strengths shown on the data sheets approximate the  rated breaking strength of the conductor. If used with ACSR the rated holding strength approximates the  full strength of aluminum strand plus a percentage of the steel core. Holding strength for jacketed  conductor is dependent upon construction.

Material used

Distribution -Grip dead-ends are made of material compatible with the conductor to which they are  applied

Production Characteristics 

 Crossover Marks: Indicate starting point for application

 Color code: assists in identification of strands size. 

 Identification label: Shows catalogue number and strand diameter range. 

 Lay direction: Must be same as that of the outer layer of the strand to which it is applied

Technical data:


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