Metal Double Line Tie/Top Tie


Double line ties /top ties are intended for securing bare conductors into the top groove of insulators. On vertically-mounted insulators at double crossarms or brackets, the double line ties /.top ties can normally accommodate line angels of up to 20̊ with no more than a 10̊ angle at each insulator.  

Material: Aluminum-clad steel with an elastomer pad

Mechanical: Double line ties/top ties will develop unbalanced and lift-off loads equivalent to , or in excess of, a hand tie over covered conductor. When installed with a pad on bare conductor, double line ties/top ties provide superior protection against abrasion and all types of conductor motion. The pad is a resilient cushion at the point of contact between conductor and insulator.

Insulators: Φ57mm (C Neck), Φ73mm (F neck) and Φ89mm (J neck)

Applicable conductor: ACSR, All-Aluminum, Aluminum Alloy and etc ...


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