Metal Side Tie


Single side ties are intended for securing bare conductors into the side groove of insulators. On horizontally-mounted insulators, single side ties can normally accommodate line angels of up to 10̊ . On vertically-mounted insulators, line angles up to 40̊ can normally be achieved.

Material: Side Ties are made of material compatible with the conductor to which they are applied.

Mechanical Strength  The Side Tie has a slip load exceeding 700 lbs. in unbalance load conditions. The maximum holding  strength is usually sufficient to contain a broken conductor to a single span. Side Ties are designed  however to relieve the load before severe damage occurs to the pole’s structural components. The Side Ties is designed to permit controlled movement of an unbroken conductor, reducing cantilever  loading at the base of the insulator. The resilience of the Tie permits it to then restore itself.

Insulators: Φ57mm (C Neck), Φ73mm (F neck) and Φ89mm (J neck)

Conductor size: Top Ties can accommodate conductor diameters form 0.190” to 1.585” for F neck insulators and 0.190”  t0 1.240” for other size insulators as long as the insulator top groove is large enough. Consult the table  in this section for minimum groove radii required for specific tie and conductor diameter range. 

Production Characteristics 

 Color Code: Assist in identification of conductor size 

 Tie pad: for bare conductors, each tie is supplied with a neoprene tie pads that is detached and  applied over the conductor centered in the top groove of insulator. For jacketed conductors a tie  pad is not provided. 

Identification label: Shows catalogue number and strand diameter range. 

Lay direction: Must be same as that of the outer layer of the strand to which it is applied


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