Top Ties

Top Ties are intended to secure bare or jacketed distribution conductors in the top groove of vertically  mounted insulators. They provide an improved method of securing conductors compared to clamp top  insulators or handmade binds. Top Ties with pad are recommended for use with bare conductors. They provide superior abrasion  protection for the conductor under all types of motion, including Aeolian vibration, galloping and sway. The pad component is recommended because it surrounds the conductor with a resilient cushion which  eliminates abrasion at the conductor-insulator interface.  Pads are not required with jacketed conductors

Material: Top Ties are made of material compatible with the conductor to which they are applied

Conductor size: Top Ties can accommodate conductor diameters form 0.190” to 1.585” for F neck insulators and 0.190”  t0 1.240” for other size insulators as long as the insulator top groove is large enough. Consult the table  in this section for minimum groove radii required for specific tie and conductor diameter range.

Mechanical Strength  The Top Tie has a slip load exceeding 700 lbs. in unbalance load conditions. The maximum holding  strength is usually sufficient to contain a broken conductor to a single span. Top Ties are designed  however to relieve the load before severe damage occurs to the pole’s structural components.

Insulators: Φ57mm (C Neck), Φ73mm (F neck) and Φ89mm (J neck)


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