Fiber Optic Access Terminal

Detailed Description

Product Name: Optical Distribution Frame

Model: OPX  


The Optical Terminal Box (OTB) is mainly used for connecting the indoor optical cables. A complete OTB unit will be with adapter, pigtail and accessories like splice protection sleeve, nylon tie, tube and screw.  It can be wall mounted, facilitates the test and refit of the lines. 

Technical data:

● Small volume, unique structure, easy installation, for indoor use

● Capacity: 1-24fibers

● Connector & adaptor types: FC, SC, LC, ST

● Polish of connector: SM Ultra polish

● Connector insertion loss <0.15dB

● Connector discrete reflectance: 55dB

● Pigtail qty: 12pcs/1.5m

● Number of puttings to Adapter: ≥200times

● Operation temperature: -10 ~ 70℃

● Material of the metal box: Steel plates


Data sheet:



Fiber capacity




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