POWTECH was founded on principles developed by POWTECH founder. These principles carried out every day by hard-working and friendly associates have created a unique corporate culture that is key to POWTECH’s competitive edge. The basic beliefs guiding POWTECH are:

Three Basic Beliefs:

Respect for the Individual

Every associate’s opinion is respected. Managers are considered “servant leaders” who help every associate realize their potential though training, praise and constructive feedback. An “open door” management philosophy encourages associates to raise questions and concerns in an open atmosphere.

Service to Customer

The customer is the boss. Everything possible is done to make POWTECH’s customer a friendly, pleasant experience. The “Satisfaction Guaranteed” service policy allows customers to be fully confident of POWTECH’s products, services and quality.

Strive for Excellence

POWTECH associates share an exceptional commitment to customer satisfaction. At the start of each week, POWTECH associates gather for the experience sharing, review business from the previous week and discuss their weekly goals.

Product Principle:

Limitless Innovation, Quality-First

Customer Service principle

Total Customer’s Satisfaction

Our Team

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