In order to respond to the national initiative of "carrying out quality assurance commitment activities", further improve product quality, so as to improve the status of Qingdao yinrui electronics co., LTD. 's products in the international and domestic market and the credibility of users, we promise to the community, the majority of users as follows:

1. Further improve the quality assurance system of the enterprise, strengthen the quality management, ensure the ex-factory products meet the national standards or technical conditions stipulated in the contract, and make the ex-factory products qualified rate up to 100%.

2. Ensure delivery according to the requirements of the contract, and send professional technical service personnel to provide technical guidance, installation and debugging to ensure the normal operation of the product.

3. Guarantee to provide users with excellent pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service, and make the product performance and usage requirements meet users' needs after ordering the company's products, and provide relevant materials. If there is any quality problem in the "three guarantees" period, the company will reply within 24 hours after receiving the notice from the customer.

4, the implementation of product quality three guarantees (repair, replacement, return). The period of "three guarantees" is one year. The products in the period of "three guarantees" are the quality problems of the products. The product that exceeds "3 guarantees" deadline. If customer needs repair service, guarantee to provide repair service.

5. If users need technical training, the company will help to train relevant personnel, guide them on how to operate, maintain and repair, visit key users and track their quality.

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